A biddie, while difficult to define accurately while avoiding confusion, is a college age female who falls under some, most, or all of these descriptions.

-often short/petite
-gullible, easily tricked
-wears spandex pants, a miniskirt barely covering the vag, or anything from American Apparel
-footwear consists of Uggs, boots with fur on them, heels, or some combination of the three
-enjoys Biddie Songs (Low by Flo Rida ft. T-pain, Shake That by Eminem ft. Nate Dogg, etc)
-at least 80% of their facebook pictures would render them unemployable if leaked
-does not remember the last weekend that did not involve a hangover
-the couches in the G street basement are equivalent to a 5-Star Resort
-dreams of being a woman from Desperate Housewives
-Smirnoff Ice = ideal pregame
-"so what's your major?" is absolutely a legit pickup line
-wakes up in weird places
-the purpose of the bathroom/kitchen sink is obviously as a courtesy for you when you get sick
-resides in the Burlington, VT area during the academic semester
The theme for Saturday's party is "Dude Bros and Biddie Hoes"
by Mavstar January 29, 2009
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biddie is a UK reference for old people.
Some biddie asked me to turn my Pod down on the bus
by BrownBoyBilly January 6, 2008
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A high maintenance girl who, though reasonably attractive, is usually meant to be a space-filler at parties and does not offer social skills or intelligence.
Biddy Girl: Where are all the hot guys at this party? Andrew only invited biddies.

Hipster Girl: I would not be caught dead at that party. It's only going to be bros and biddies.
by Cec March 31, 2008
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Usually used with the word old

Old Biddie
by UnShavenMonkey March 16, 2005
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A slutty young women. Usually one who is physically atractive. Usually used when describing lots of girls.
by Tunneler August 24, 2005
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A girl that wears heels too high to remain coordinated and clothes so tight and/or short that she knows her goods will fall out/show but still acts like it's an accident so all the boys pay attention to her.
That biddie needs to simmer - her coochie cutter skirt and high as hell Payless shoes are attracting the wrong kind of attention.
by D_onezero December 3, 2014
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