As in ultimate frisbee- the game that is the sport that is rock.
Wanna go play ultimate?

Yes, I do want go play ultimate, for it is the sport that is rock.
by Andrej February 29, 2004
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In the Danganronpa Series an Ultimate Talent Is a skill or personality trait that that person is known for.
by CircusBaby242487 October 12, 2022
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A word buff guys use to overcompensate for their small/lack of genitalia due to natural born causes, genetics, or the steroids they partake in.
Dude, that is so ultimate.
by TheFlyGuyInTheSky May 1, 2011
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Ultimate have you ever heard denzel currys song ultimate it starts of like this i am the one dont weigh a ton dont need a gun to get respect up on the streets this is how its used in a sentence it means legendary

by JAIL BROKEN November 4, 2017
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very very very gay; as in ultimately queer. this term should not be used lightly because it means elite gayness only reachable by the gayest of gays.
"i just saw the gayest guy on earth."
"yeah yo chips down, he was gay as shit."
"was he ultimate?"
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AKA Frisbee Club
It is a pastime activity where fellow members of the book society throw around plastic disks and chase after them.

It is commonly known for its lack of a referee and its players supposedly being the kindest and weakest of all atheletes.
It is most often played with dogs.
hey I have a couple minutes to waste with my dog, you wanna go play ultimate?
by c0r34n May 3, 2011
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N. Slang term overconfident males might use to describe their penis.
Jonny: Hey Rachel, are you ready for a visit from the ultimator?
Rachel: Maybe if i get my microscope.
by hadomaru2 May 28, 2010
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