Where people from Pennsylvania say they're from but they really live 20-60 minutes away.
"Aye yo! Where you from cuz?"
"I'm from Philly yo."
"No you aint"
"True, true I'm from Bristol ahah!"
by TheDigitalCookie January 31, 2017
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A Philly guy is on a whole other level of life. He’s beyond extra, he’s extra extra for no reason. Needs no one’s approval. He’ll always show up to show out!!
Did you see that man over there?

I sure did! That dude was so Philly, man did you see that coat?
by staces_mom January 31, 2019
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without it, all you fuckers and haters would not have your freedom, or a flag, or your independance. basically your life.

by Coral A September 6, 2008
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City that holds it down 24/7

from the northeast to north to south to west southwest downtown and germantown baby
North Philly.... Kensington holds it down
by stylez90 August 21, 2006
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Abbreaviation of Philidelphia. The best city ever. They have kewl shopping and an awesome arcade(Dave&Busters).There's good food too.
Yall who hate Philly suck!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kristi August 31, 2004
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