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A personal is used to describe an entire unit of marijuana to be smoked by one person. It is most often used at a party or group gathering when one shows up late and needs to catch up to everyone else's level of high-ness.
Casper Milky Toes: "Shit, did you just now get off work?"
Scruff Mcgruff: "Yeah, it was a nightmare."
Casper Milky Toes: "Sit down, relax man. I'm gonna pack you up a personal."
by Sideso April 16, 2009
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Someone that you talk to without a title or label, friends with benefits just worded better; A way that a person can be Thot on the low; Mainly a Philly term
Me: Yo bro you & that girl go out?

Bro: Nah she just my personal
Me: yea ok
by NoPickzDev December 04, 2013
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When you buy a large amount of weed or other drug and intend to sell it in smaller deal's, then you get 'personal' weed that yo' can smoke for free. :-)
"When I buy a pound I usually take out an 'oscar' for personal smoke."
by Diego September 03, 2003
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The term said when one has just purchased something comsumable from a shop to confirm its yours to your friends.
Can be shortened to PZ's.
"Personals on this 7up!"
"oi, PZ's yeah."
by Monkeyfish January 20, 2008
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A Philly term for your main girl/wifey

A female that's only yours and your not sharing .
Friend 1 "Yo bro that's your Jawn ?"

Friend 2 "Yeah bro that's my personal "
by 215ondeck September 22, 2017
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