62 definitions by some polak

I've never heard of this term and i'm from BOSTON
I dunno what the fuck this dude talking bout who said it's some place in Hollywood.
by some polak September 18, 2004
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1. Head of your Dick
2. Not yur penis head, your normal 1.
1. Did she give you Georgia Dome?

2. I'm bout to crack him in his fuckin dome he keep talkin
by some polak November 21, 2004
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M-I-crooked letta-crooked letta-I-crooked letta-crooked letta-I-hump back-hump back-I
by some polak September 4, 2004
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Boston Irish slang you say when they're just fooling around.

See: bustin your balls
I'm just bustin your chops don't take it personal
by some polak November 11, 2004
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An adjective that means you're an adult.
What's that kid doing over there?

He 23, he ain't a kid. He grown.
by some polak October 28, 2004
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George Bush: I give to rich and take from the poor
by some polak November 2, 2004
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Good actor, not so good a rapper.

He ain't really straight out the hood like in his show Fresh Prince of bel-air. I mean he ain't no rich kid or nottin but deffinitly not from the worst part of philly, and besides the north part of philly worst then west philly.
Believe it or not Will Smith got accepted to M.I.T. (Massachusett's Institute of Technology) but decided not to go because he chose to pursue his acting career. I mean a guy that almost went to M.I.T. is a rapper and straight out the hood? Maybe he's a better actor then we think...
by some polak September 18, 2004
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