Dad: Where were you?
Me: Playing ultimate frisbee.
Dad: Who won?
Me: Nobody, we play for the fun of it...
Dad: Weird.
by David June 26, 2004
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Outstanding game. Good fun among men and women of all ages.

The sport is sort of like a combination of football, rugby, and handball. Each team is allowed seven players on the field at a time. The game begins with the defense performing a "kickoff" by throwing the Frisbee to the offense. The offense retrieves the disk and begins their trek down the field. The teams can score one point by completing a successful pass into the other end zone.

The player who is in possession of the disk cannot move and can only pivot and throw. Turn overs occur after a score or failed pass. Defensive players are permitted to block and intercept passes. A foul occurs when any contact is made between a defensive player and an offensive player.

There are many different types of throws to be used in Ultimate Frisbee. The major ones include:backhand, forehand/flick, hammer, push pass, roller, scuber, wheeler, and many more. I won't go into how to perform each throw but the internet is a great source to learn any of these.

The two major ultimate Frisbee leagues are Major League Ultimate (MLU) and American Ultimate Disk League (AUDL). AUDL has 25 teams, while MLU is a smaller league with only 8 teams. (The Philadelphia Spinners are part of the MLU.)

Some Ultimate enthusiasts speculate that the sport has a good chance of entering the Olympics within the next decade. It is one of the fastest growing sports of all time.

Its a great sport to try out and get you up and running.
Person 1: What sports can we play? We've gotten tired of all the generic sports.
Person 2: If you want, I can call some guys over to play some Ultimate Frisbee?
Person 1: That's a great idea! I'll go grab the Frisbee!
by Spinners_Fan June 4, 2016
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Also reffered to as 'Ultimate' A great game that is sweeping the nation, and that only fags could dislike
Who's up for a game of Ultimate Frisbee?
by The ErectileProjectile November 16, 2006
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Sometimes known as simply Ultimate is a game played usually with friends in a pick up game, but sometimes in organized league play in a tournament and such. All you need to play is some friends and a disc that weighs 175 grams. Unlike most definitions for this on this website, it's harder then it looks, and it takes much more athleticism then you think to play. It takes good endurance and cardio, because the game is almost entirely running, and throwing a good Frisbee to someone who's cutting and hitting them in stride when it's windy is no easy task. One of the best parts is that it's usually played for fun, with a score being fun to fun.
Bro: Hey dude, wanna go play some Ultimate Frisbee?
Other Bro: Hell yeah dude, I'll be there.
Bro: Sweet bro, it'll be numb.
by jj326314 December 21, 2010
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An actual sport, also known as ultimate, ultimate frisbee is a game where two teams of 7 try to get the disc into their endzone without running while having the disc or dropping it
Hater:Ultimate Frisbee isn't a real sport
Frisbee Player: Ultimate Frisbee is so a sport, what do you play, lacrosse?
by cptAFRO October 26, 2011
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Lame, gay, boring. The worst game invented. Requires the athletic skill and talent equivalent to sweeping a floor. Great way for stoned hippies to work off their meager energy..
Hey Dave do you want to go to the Gay bar? their having an ultimate frisbee comp today.

No thanks man, I'm gonna sit here and finish my cheetos...
by Hippies smell bad December 22, 2014
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A fast paced competitive game between 2 teams, requiring cardio, stamina, agility and strong communication. Sportsman ship is key, and fun lies at the heart of the game.
Hey guys! We should get a pick up game of Ultimate Frisbee going! You up for it?
by stumpy013 September 16, 2014
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