selling dope in the ghetto. (cocaine, weed, crack)
Nigga i was sittin on that fire hydrant servin them dope phenes all night.
by joedog76 August 17, 2010
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A class act. Some would say full of wisdom.
Wow, Servin sure is a class act, full of wisdom.
by Mary D September 18, 2007
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To have sex while one's penis is flaccid. Often times one will end up "soft servin" some girl after a night of libations and devil dancin.
Guy: How'd you like that shit I served up to you last night, girl? Good, innit?

Girl: Man fuck you, you were soft servin me for like an hour and a half, and then you passed out on top me.
by snomanZP June 23, 2006
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to try to get some pleasure from a female
Cornelious : Tonight I think I'm gonna hit the town and try servin meat.

Shiloh: I hear alot of girls these days like the meat au jus.

Cornelious: Not tonight. It is time for the meat sauseege to be served on a platter.
by J. Pads October 12, 2009
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1) selling drugs to junkys
2) fucking ugly hoes
hey servin babys

wow can i come!!
by oj da juiceman32 August 07, 2009
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A broke 18 year old loser who lives in his car and has nothing better to do than to use Discord all day. He’s never had a job before and will most likely become a beggar in the near future.
Dang bro that boy doe servin so broke he uses his neighbors WiFi for discord 💀”
by Mordicai the Goat April 19, 2021
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