Bears are large furry carnivores of the family Ursidae. Large bears can measure up to 14 feet tall when standing on their hind legs, and 2000 pounds (1 ton). Bears are found all over the world, but generally speak with pronounced Russian accents. Bears are known to enjoy raw salmon, with copious amounts of vodka. Never, under any circumstances, try to out-drink a bear. Their superior body mass and Russian-ness will allow them to drink you under the table without even getting tipsy. Many bears also enjoy Cuban cigars.
Me: Whats up?
Bears: Здравствулте, товарищ!
Me: Lets drink vodka!
Bears: Да!
by RussianMexican July 24, 2008
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Bear is transport trucker slang for police officers. "Bear" is a term Truckers on the number one highway in Canada use on the CB to warn other truckers that there is a police officer monitering speed on the highway.
Trucker one: Hey! I just spotted a bear!

Trucker two: Where at?

Trucker one: by the 58 marker, on the right o way.

Trucker two: I'll pass it on.
by moonbug November 12, 2006
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A large, husky man, with the body of a tank, hiding his 'bear-itude.' Usually by insisting they are not a bear, but being found out later in life. Bears are massive, husky, fur-covered, killing machines, with hearts the size of the moon. Though, never expose a bear. You will die.
iPlague, most commonly known as Teph, is a Bear. Don't expose him.
by Whargle June 17, 2010
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Facts from studying bears

1. Bears are really fucking big
2. Bears are really fucking strong
3. Bears are really fucking cute
4. Bears are really fucking hairy
5. Bears don't give a fuck, got a gun they have a fucking claw
6. Bears have really fucking sharp claws
7. Bears don't need technology they're fucking bears they don't fucking give a shit
8. Bears know how to speak human they find it just too fucking hard
9. Bears are constantly surrounding the world Pandas, Brown Bears, Polar Bears, whats next, holy shit it's BLACK BEARS!
Holy shit there's a fucking bear, better get the fuck away.
by NinjaTodd December 30, 2014
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"Godless killging machines" as said by Stephen Colbert. The second most dangerous enemy known to the human race, just behind Dhani Jones who is a bear with a brain, an NFL linebacker who writes poems.
"Some people are going to say 'It's just a monkey, bears pose no threat to us', Wrong! Now while I do not believe in evolution, I'm sure bears do. ...and by eating this monkey, they are simply eating their way up the evolutionary chain until they get to man."

-Stephen Colbert
by User 34082098756 July 23, 2006
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A nickname for dip (tobbacco) . A few differant brands have bear names such as Grizzly, and Kodiak.
Im about to throw me in some bear.
by Strangeward February 15, 2010
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bear is a term meaning "very" or "lots of", similar to use of well
I'm bear drunk, I'm bear tired
by Goyder October 08, 2006
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