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to rave, the act of wild, out of control dancing to loud electric/techno music along with lots of strobe lights and flashers
I came home exhausted at 5 AM after a long night of raving.
by sean-o June 02, 2005
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Driving around a popular public place in your car with friends while blasting techno rave music to complete strangers. On good days the strangers join the rave and dance. Popular Rave songs include: Everytime We Touch, Sandstorm, and any DJ Tiesto
Dude do you guys want to go raving tonight?

While raving we took our shirts off.

Looks like a good raving night, there are alot of people out.
by raver123 June 17, 2009
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If a situation is unfair or harsh it may be refered to as 'Raving'
*someone steals guys food*
"thats raving man"
by tom13445 November 13, 2007
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to rave, the art of waving glow sticks and blowing whistles. Not to be confused with raging, or to rage.
I was raving at that party last night...
by coco chenille March 17, 2006
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