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Facts from studying bears

1. Bears are really fucking big
2. Bears are really fucking strong
3. Bears are really fucking cute
4. Bears are really fucking hairy
5. Bears don't give a fuck, got a gun they have a fucking claw
6. Bears have really fucking sharp claws
7. Bears don't need technology they're fucking bears they don't fucking give a shit
8. Bears know how to speak human they find it just too fucking hard
9. Bears are constantly surrounding the world Pandas, Brown Bears, Polar Bears, whats next, holy shit it's BLACK BEARS!
Holy shit there's a fucking bear, better get the fuck away.
by NinjaTodd December 30, 2014
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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A term used by gay men to describe a husky, large man with a lot of body hair.
George's sexual tastes run toward bears.
by kim February 12, 2003
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The most common definition of a "bear" is a man who is hairy, has facial hair, and a cuddly body. However, the word "Bear" means many things to different people, even within the bear movement. Many men who do not have one or all of these characteristics define themselves as bears, making the term a very loose one. Suffice it to say, "bear" is often defined as more of an attitude than anything else - a sense of comfort with our natural masculinity and bodies that is not slavish to the vogues of male attractiveness that is so common in gay circles and the culture at large.
by Ian January 08, 2004
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A fuzzy and cute woodland creature. Very huggable, but if hugging is attempted it is likely that the bear will maul and/or kill the hugger.
Little Stevie hugged a bear last week. His funeral is tomorrow.
by Don Bobbly January 29, 2008
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The greates threat to America (and therefore the democratic world).
I you don't believe that bears are the greatest threat, obviously you haven't paid attention to the source of all facts, Stephen Colbert!
by K3n7 August 01, 2006
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