people that are hot
Person 1: i like gay men
Person 2: same, gay men are very hot
by April 13, 2023
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Plural of gay man. In early 21st Century USA usually refers to men who are same-sex in sexual orientation and (generally) out of the closet; that is, self-identified as "gay." Gay men may live in partnership, or may be single. "Gay men" as a term is generally preferred by the relevant group over the more clnical "homosexual" or slur words.

'Oscar, do you really think all gay men march in lockstep? Go ask a lot of them their opinions about the president. Or read THE ADVOCATE.'
by al-in-chgo May 30, 2010
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When daddy and daddy love each other very very much, they purposely drop the soap for each other so they could insert their schlong into each other.
Mom: Joe, Yuri, and Ligma are having a gay men slumber party on 6/9/69. Are you in?
Me: *visible confusion*
Mom: OK! I'll sign you up!
Me: *visible depression*
by Long w e e n boi November 13, 2019
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Males who are homosexual. Exclaimed for the humourous, bold effect.
by BallBagBaggins May 30, 2010
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Much like Cornish Game Hens the Cornish Gay Men can be recognized by their puffed up chests.

The term is used to describe any homosexual male that over works their chest and shoulder muscles in the gym resulting in puffed up chest with slender "toothpick" legs to support his body.
Going to Gay Days was so obnoxious, everywhere you looked there were Cornish gay men, I'm amazed their legs could support their chest!
by BillyClubOrgan June 27, 2012
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According to the Iranian president Ahmadinejad these "sort" of men (his words) don't exist in Iran.
Iranian gay men don't exist according to this guy. Rofl?
by ^^^^^^^1 April 12, 2009
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A set of gay men. Kind of like a herd of cattle or a murder of crows.
I see a lit of gay men in the corner
by Fujin Yumi February 8, 2019
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