A person that that only eats fish and potatoes.
American: I want some fish, maybe some potatoes.
Other American: You dam Norwegian!
by Blondcurlface March 24, 2011
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Person one: Ooh, Look at th pretty spirals in the sky, are they Aliens?
Person 2: No, God forgot to debug the sky again, Damn Norwegian events.
by Tungston December 12, 2009
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A person that think he/she knows English but doesn’t.
Hallo! Wear do you come from?
I too! What’s the clock?
Half on ten!
Bye on the toilet
You old chocolate
by GivemeCatfood January 2, 2019
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People of a beautiful northern, socialist-democratic country who all manage to have a good lifestyle and live on smoked fish, impalatable rye flatbed, dill, and fish balls with boiled potatoes.
See that Norwegian over there? She's baking ulekake for Christmas.
by 2nd_generation_100%Norwegian September 23, 2019
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(n.)The all time coolest race in the entire world. They are good at anything, and everything.
(adj.) Having a giganticly enormous penis.
-Dude, holy shit I just got owned; that guy must have been Norwegian.
-That man just saved 1,000,000 babies from a burning building, he was definitely Norwegian.
- That is the biggest penis I have ever seen, that man has to be Norwegian
by Norwegian Sensation December 21, 2004
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Coolest people around. Their country is beautiful and their weather is nice and cool. If you're Norwegian you are one of the greatest people alive. Norwegians are the most nice and most sophisticated people ever to walk the planet.
I'm Norwegian cos my great grandparents came from Norway.
by Olav August 10, 2007
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In case you didn't notice, Norwegians happen to be the happiest, longest living people on the planet. They make Godzilla look like a small child. If you're smart, you don't mess with the Norwegians.
Proud to be Norwegian!
by outsourcingwebdesigning December 2, 2007
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