You're just searching numbers incrementally on Urban Dictionary, aren't you

You must be really bored to make it to 130
I was just goin through Urban Dictionary and then I reached the number 130 and there was no page for it
Well, now there is
by Airtoum May 19, 2018
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Your heart is exploding with things to say,

Your eyes just want to get lost in theirs,

Your arms wait to hold them, while the thought of being in their arms sends goose bumps down your back....

Wanting something ... but it is not the time YET
130; all of me is impatiently waiting ❤️❤️
by 4-621 August 2, 2022
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Pretty much the flying fortress of death. The AC-130 Gunship is a modified version of the U.S. Air Force's C-130 Cargo airplane (hense the "C" for cargo)... With the "A" added on making it "Attack Cargo" (AC). Equipped with a Mini gun aka rail gun, for close support near or around friendlies or civilians, a 40mm gun... unleashing 40mm explosive rounds to raise some hell, and lastly the biggest bang for your tax dollars, the 105mm Howitzer cannon, firing a 105mm explosive round to decimate anyone who has the balls to mess with the U.S. Military. The AC-130 is also equipped with highly advanced technology systems, including thermal vision, heat vision, and even strobe programs to see friendly troops on the ground... there is no where to hide from certain death from above.
-Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: "Friendly AC130 above"

- Future Weapons Episode on the AC-130 Gunship "Spooky"

- "Dude, it looks like he got into a fight with an AC130"

- "My AC130 merked you noob!"
by paintballer4e16 February 4, 2010
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The best plane ever built and everything in the UD definition above is true except that none of the 51 variants of the C-130 is amphibious.
Captain: Shit, this hurricane has knocked out our bildge pumps and we're going to have to abandon ship and our life rafts are shit!

Giligan: No worries captain, the Coast Guard C-130 can fly through this shit and drop us new rafts.
by saillaw June 11, 2007
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The main gunship of the USAF, first saw action in Vietnam.
It replaced the AC-47 and the AC-119 that also saw action.

Guns are (depending on what AC-130 varients)

AC-130U :
# × General Dynamics 25 mm (0.984 in) GAU-12/U Equalizer 5-barreled gatling cannon
# 1× 40 mm (1.58 in) L/60 Bofors cannon
# 1× 105 mm (4.13 in) M102 howitzer


* 2× 20 mm M61 Vulcan cannon

* 1× 40 mm (1.58 in) L/60 Bofors cannon

* 1× 105 mm (4.13 in) M102 howitzer

(Current Armament)

* 1× 40 mm (1.58 in) L/60 Bofors cannon

* 1× 105 mm (4.13 in) M102 howitzer

AC-130 (modern warfare1&2)
This is seen in Modern warfare 1 in the level 'Death from above'.

In modern warfare 2 its seen in special ops 'Overwatch' and appears in multiplayer as a killstreak.
''Friendly AC-130 in the air'' Friendly

''ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!!'' enemy
by ItsHear!! November 9, 2010
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C-130 Hercules

The C-130 is a US vehicle transport plane. It is amphibious. It was tested in 1954. It could serve thirteen different roles and has fifty-one variants. All the C-130 variants can perform tactical airlifts and humanitarian relief, eight are aerial tankers, three are commanding aircrafts, one is a maritime patrol aircraft, two fly special operations, six are search and rescue, two are VIP transports, one flies reconnaissance missions, one is an airborne hospital, four fly support to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, three control unmanned aircraft, three cover electronic warfare, three are responsible for space and missile operations, six are for test and evaluation purposes, and five are gunships. The AC-130J is one of the most lethal planes in existence, and the C-130J is one of the best mobile hospitals, the RC-130J is one of the best recon planes out there, and the EC-130J is one of the best aerial command and control posts that ever flew.

Type: multipurpose plane
Dimensions: span 40.4m; length 34.37m; height 10.1m
Payload: 19500kg
Speed: 625km/h
Range: 5100km
Ceiling: 10668m
The C-130 Herculese is a wonderful airplane.
by Rot April 7, 2005
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