1. large, muscular and/or fat

2. Excited, particularly in terms of a competition. This context is only used as "get bulky"
1. Ayyo, Big ShaNai is bulky as hell!

2. He was getting straight up bulky at the court today!
by chaowdtey July 28, 2003
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Being bulky means you are being a bully but in a sexy way.
Like a rawer form of negging.
Wow, that guy is so bulky, he's like sweet dynamite
by Jake Bull May 30, 2021
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One, a guy usually, due to low self esteem or exceedingly low standards, that chooses to have sexual relations "bag" bulky bitches
don't let him drink too much. he becomes a bulky bagger and will take anything home. Last time we broke an axle.
by da weasel April 02, 2007
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A situation that is frustrating; Something that is bad or sucks
Aaaahhh bulky duck! (or) Life in prison is bulky duck.
by Kayla Tooley and Kris Kopp October 21, 2004
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Any woman who weigh's more than 180 lbs regardless of height.
Christy Allie has turned into one fugly bulky bitch.

What a chubby chaser. He's with that bulky bitch again.
by Alienate December 20, 2006
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it is a women who has a huge stanky ugly cunt, most times also hairy
Amanda Hopper has a bulky cunt!
by Fiyero the Winkie October 12, 2006
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