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Trygve is by far the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is hilarious- one joke and he will brighten your day. A Trygve is sometimes a bit clumsy, but it is really cute. He always puts everyone else before himself, and cares about everyone. He is super sweet and is self conscious about the best parts of him- for example, his laugh, his clumsiness. He is always considerate of everyone, and is super sweet. A Trygve is super intelligent, brilliant actually, and his personality is the best you will ever find. If you ever meet a Trygve, don't let him go because he is the best person you will ever meet.
Girl 1: Did you hear Trygve's joke?
Girl 2: Yes! He is hilarious!
Girl 3: I am so jealous of his girlfriend.
Guy 1: *thinking* I wish I were a Trygve
by bangs'n'glasses101 February 26, 2019
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Trygve is a male name, mostly used in Norway. The name is often associated with short people, as it was very common amongst dwarfs in the norwegian mythology.
Q: Have you seen Trygve lately?

A: No, I've probably overseen him, because he's so short.
by Mergesho June 21, 2010
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An awesome guy with sick hair, gorgeous eyes, and dope hats. He's probably tall and Norwegian. He's an OG MLG gamer, and an overall awesome kid who is $weet and hilarious
"Hey dawg, have you seen Trygve today?"
"Naw, I wish! Tryg is the best!"
by Medium Salsa December 12, 2016
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