(1) A word or phrase used to address and/or describe a person or animal for which the speaker feels love or affection. A pet name. Often annoying to every one else except the speaker and the person/animal being referred to.
Don't hate, it's our term of endearment.
by justiferous January 09, 2011
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This is done when you're "hitting it from the back" while she is facing a window and then tell your girl that you're going to grab a condom to blow in and you have one of your close friends replace you and begin hitting it and while your friend is hitting it, you run around to the front of the window and wave to her. This usually results in lots of confusion and a loss of someone close to you.
Person 1: Danny gave Lisa the Terms of Endearment man...

Person 2: No way...With whom?

Person 1: Andrew man

Person 2: I bet she showered like a rape victim after that haha.
by pwntastico September 09, 2008
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