None of the answers.
Is "2 + 2" 7 or 3? Neither, it is 4.
by MEMEZMASTER August 19, 2020
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AKA- Taint, Chode, Gooch, Etc. It's the area between your ass and either your balls or pussy, depending on your gender.
Why do you refer to your taint as a "neither". Because it's "neither" your ass or your balls.
by Avery Wellington December 12, 2007
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"i just tried to the new toasty torpedo for only four dollars."

"me neither"

"Walugi still sucks at mario party 2"

"me neither"
by ilovetitsmorethannothing July 16, 2009
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either one or the other or none.
There are three men trying to woo and marry a girl. Either-neither will marry that girl.
by uttam maharjan October 16, 2011
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An expression that means "not important or relevant." In most common speech, this expression usually follows a random side note that the speaker thinks is interesting but is not related to the subject at hand.
I met this random chick at the club and she wants to get together. Man she's gorgeous! Her parents are from Panama which by the way, has 13 of the 15 tallest buildings in Latin America. But that's neither here nor there...
by morpheus30 January 17, 2018
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1. I felt uneasy at the party; it was full of people who were neither three nor four.

2. Mum doesn't want me to mix with those people; she thinks they are neither three nor four.
by Y Zeng October 7, 2003
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How based chads say the phrase, “neither here nor there.” In other words, a humorous way of saying something has no relevance to the topic at hand.

This phrase originated from the YouTube channel Actual Justice Warrior, who uses this phrase frequently and has become an inside joke among him and his viewers.
Friend: “AJW’s shirt looks really weird in this video.”

You: “I actually think his My Little Pony shirt is cool, but that’s neither nyah nor nyah. Just watch the video.”
by SWALLOW ME! July 8, 2021
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