"Godless killging machines" as said by Stephen Colbert. The second most dangerous enemy known to the human race, just behind Dhani Jones who is a bear with a brain, an NFL linebacker who writes poems.
"Some people are going to say 'It's just a monkey, bears pose no threat to us', Wrong! Now while I do not believe in evolution, I'm sure bears do. ...and by eating this monkey, they are simply eating their way up the evolutionary chain until they get to man."

-Stephen Colbert
by User 34082098756 July 23, 2006
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a huge brown or black thing that eats you if you piss it off or eat its honey so watch it buddy!
man1:"Dude that bear is huge!"
man2:"Watch out that bear might eat you cause you ate its honey and pissed it off!"

*the man gets eaten by the bear*
by lollipopsucker0101 March 02, 2010
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bear is a term meaning "very" or "lots of", similar to use of well
I'm bear drunk, I'm bear tired
by Goyder October 08, 2006
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A man is considered a Bear if he is hairy, well-built, hyper-masculine, with this strong body and appearance, yet with a heart as big as his chest.
He does not have a 'camp' bone in him. He has a tendency to growl in his sleep and during other bed activities. He is unashamed of bodily-function noises. Practicality dictates his fashion tastes. A Bear man is every straight man's gay fantasy!
Did you see that stud? Damn, he's one hot Bear!
by jaxcub September 08, 2009
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The best mother fucking god damn animal in the world. Bears rule! If bears were human they'd be Chuck Norris
by F meister May 11, 2006
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A large, hairy homosexual man who raises Jack Russel terriers with his bearmate. The larger bears are referred to as daddies. These men are showcased in Bear magazine.
Did you see the fuckin' bear of the month this issue? I'd kidnap that daddy in a heartbeat.
by Kyle April 10, 2003
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