An expression as to say 'fresh' or 'cool' etc...
Jay: I got a car for my birthday
Mike: badness!....yo can I go for a spin?
Jay: ...No.
by CarlieBabe April 19, 2006
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expressin likeness towards something, OR being impressed by it
that car is badness! {that car's off d hook}.... OR those shoes look like pure badness (shoes look hott)
by Weezee May 01, 2006
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Something which is not positive. Typically refers to a situation or the actions of one or more people.
Have you heard about the badness in NYC?
by The Grammar Nazi December 03, 2001
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1- A polite way of calling a female a notorious thot
2- Used to describe a female who has mastered the art of playing with males emotions and breaking hearts
3- Basically a graduated hoe, like some PhD shit
1- "Bruh why isn't you putting a ring on Amanda"

" Hell no, she's been everywhere.. She's a le bad-bad..."

2- "Bro why is you crying?"

"It's Paige bruh.. I had no idea y'all were serious when you said she's a le bad-bad.. She broke my heart.."
by @TheOGbadboyBW January 14, 2019
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A phrase people in the Danville, California (particularly San Ramon Valley High School) area use in a sarcastic, rhetorical manner. Typically used to descrive things as "very good." Variations include "Was it bad", "Was/is it kinda", "Was/is it remotely bad", etc. Use this phrase if you want to be punched in the mouth
"Yo, I heard you laid pipe on Alyssa last night."
"(Rips juul) Yeah I have been hella."
"Damn, is hitting that nice?"
"Is it bad?"
"Get the fuck away from me"
by Go wolves January 31, 2018
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A phrase used to describe something that’s terrible but not THAT terrible. It is often used to downplay a thing or situation.
Jay: Don’t worry mate, your hair cut is not that bad.

Dwayne: Don’t lie to me it’s horrible!
by JayA559 December 05, 2018
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