An expression as to say 'fresh' or 'cool' etc...
Jay: I got a car for my birthday
Mike: badness!....yo can I go for a spin?
Jay: ...No.
by CarlieBabe April 20, 2006
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expressin likeness towards something, OR being impressed by it
that car is badness! {that car's off d hook}.... OR those shoes look like pure badness (shoes look hott)
by Weezee May 1, 2006
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Something which is not positive. Typically refers to a situation or the actions of one or more people.
Have you heard about the badness in NYC?
by The Grammar Nazi December 3, 2001
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1- A polite way of calling a female a notorious thot
2- Used to describe a female who has mastered the art of playing with males emotions and breaking hearts
3- Basically a graduated hoe, like some PhD shit
1- "Bruh why isn't you putting a ring on Amanda"

" Hell no, she's been everywhere.. She's a le bad-bad..."

2- "Bro why is you crying?"

"It's Paige bruh.. I had no idea y'all were serious when you said she's a le bad-bad.. She broke my heart.."
by @TheOGbadboyBW January 14, 2019
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A phrase used to describe something that’s terrible but not THAT terrible. It is often used to downplay a thing or situation.
Jay: Don’t worry mate, your hair cut is not that bad.

Dwayne: Don’t lie to me it’s horrible!
by JayA559 December 5, 2018
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This is when something is so fucked up and terrible that the only way to describe it is bad bad. The word originated in Cormac Flynn’s bedroom from ethan when he was hitting para.
by am heavy ectobasin September 20, 2022
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An expression typed by 12 year-olds and other minimally educated individuals who seem to forget that the grammatically correct form of the expression is "too bad."
LOLRoxoR37: To bad ur so dum
BenWRabbit: Too bad you seemed to have stopped learning at a third grade level.
by TommyOkktane January 29, 2004
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