A person beholding the name Flynn or has it within his/her string of names is considered sexy, incredible, ninja-tastic, amazing and mysterious. Not only are they amazing in bed, but outside of the bed as well. If ever get a chance to kiss one of these Flynns never cease to act upon it! Their kisses make you melt the second your lips touch with theirs. Adventurous and easy going, Flynns can give you the thrill of your life and make you addicted to them. You'll want them more and not just because you have to survive, but because you really do WANT them. Hold on to these Flynns, once you find one. You'll never get one back if you lose him/her.
You wish you were a Flynn!
by HerOwnInsanity February 6, 2010
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by DelusionalSandwich November 23, 2021
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A good friend, a flynn is someone who is amazingly funny and a great person. He will always be there for you and someone you can always turn to too get a stupid/ funny joke. If you’re feeling down, just talk to him, he’ll make it all better. He will do anything for you no matter what. Can sometimes be a little loud(meaning he yells all the time!)but no matter what he always agrees to you’re bet for some reason. He’s always a great friend!! I luv him🙂(as a friend)
Me: you’re amazing

Flynn: you are too🙂
by Cactus 🌵 January 31, 2018
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Someone with a large penis that is at least one foot long. However it can be longer.
Oh my god, I couldn't believe his flynn.
by CregChrist August 12, 2009
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Flynn means to consume rapidly, or to do so with great enthuasiam.
by Big Fat Matt August 13, 2006
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A talented, funny and creative character who shows his humour in unusual ways and although he can be damn right annoying, that's why people like him so much!
"Flynn, your jokes are toxic..... But funny...."
by Kizzypotter March 10, 2019
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Falling asleep in public areas during social gatherings (ie. bar, restaurant, lounge) caused by excessive alcoholic consumption and then silently leaving said gathering to go home, irrespective of distance or feasibility of getting home.

Similar to an Irish goodbye.
John totally flynned it last night. He was passed out at the bar one second and then peaced without saying anything.
by Jebediah Dingleberry September 4, 2012
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