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Australian term for the tobbaco that is mixed and "chopped up" with weed before it is smoked by many young people here.
"Can I scab a spin cigga?"
"This mix needs more spin, it's too straight."
by Diego July 08, 2003
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The point where you drank too much and now the room is spinning. Usually caused by drinking too much too fast or by combining alcohol with marijuana.
Yo I was chillin when all the sudden I started gettin the spins.
by Dirty Jersey December 18, 2004
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To present an incident in a particularly slanted or biased manner. Originated from the game of pool, wherein if one shoots the ball from the side to put β€œspin” on the ball, it will go into the desired hole. To properly β€œSpin” a story, one should employ a β€œSpin Doctor”.

β€œSpin Doctors” are frequently used by politicians to help write a slanted story which presents a β€œfact” in a far different way than most people would see it, had it been told directly and honestly.
Arnold Schwarzenegger hired spin doctors to write a response to the accusation that he groped women.
by LA Mac October 20, 2003
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What a DJ does to records.
"Who's spinning tonight?"
"DJ Craze spins better than any."
by Diego August 17, 2003
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A lie which has somehow been legitimized by an uneducated public. See newspeak, doublespeak
So much spin has come out of the Republican campaign, they must be dizzy by now.
by sinn98 September 08, 2004
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Public relations term, referring to slightly altering facts to portray a desired version of a story.

Using a vechile with the purpose of getting a feel for the way in which the vechile handles
We put a different spin on our massive lay-offs; we called it a "corporate restructuring"

I just wanted to take the bike out for a spin
by DivADPArADox October 23, 2003
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When you have drank/smoked too much, to the point the room feels like it's spinning, or YOU feel like you are spinning.

You need to be SITTING/LYING DOWN OR RESTING for the spins definition to be met.

If you are standing up/dancing/active and the room is going sideways while trying to walk, that would mean you are pissed.

Throwing up will cure the spins. It is also possible to wake up with the spins if you do not throw up.
You got back home after drinking and laid on your back in your bed. You roll over on your side, but you feel like you are still spinning over and over in circles. You then lay on your back again to minimize the spins and stare up at the ceiling and it feels like the room is traveling.
by CrushCrush December 20, 2009
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