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An expression typed by 12 year-olds and other minimally educated individuals who seem to forget that the grammatically correct form of the expression is "too bad."
LOLRoxoR37: To bad ur so dum
BenWRabbit: Too bad you seemed to have stopped learning at a third grade level.
by TommyOkktane January 29, 2004

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(n.) 1. A stale joke 2. an overused and dated reference 3. a cliche 4. a snide retort to any of the previous references
Doug: Trucker hats are so lame, I mean my dad wears them.
Steve: Yeah, know what else I hate? Airline food.
by TommyOkktane December 31, 2003

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(n.) 1. Any form of fake breasts especially excessively large ones 2. a woman who possesses said fake breasts.

(ex.) An exclamation of utter surprise or bewilderment.
(n.)1. I heard Jess got some work done on her, she came out with stripper tits.
2. Hey, way to go there stripper tits.

(ex.) TV Announcer: And the Packers lead the Pats 34-3.
Pats fan: Stripper tits!
by TommyOkktane January 16, 2004

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(n.) anal sex
After a dinner of lamb and tuna fish, Metaxa at the bar, and watching Zorba the Greek at the theatres, we went back to her place to make love Greek-Style
by TommyOkktane December 30, 2003

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an emoticon representing an emo kid's emotions. For instance:

=:-| Emo Kid Happy
#:-| Emo Girl Happy
=:-| Emo Kid Sad
#:-| Emo Girl Sad
=:-( Emo Kid When He Realizes His Parents Still Hate Him
The only proper way for EmoKid7432 to express his true feelings to his girlfriend EmoGirlWhiteStripes238 when he found out his parents still hated him was with an emo-ticon
by TommyOkktane December 28, 2003

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an away message put up by girls to show that they are currently not at their computer and are "out with da girlz." Usually prefaced by a smiley face and a few "lol"s. Also a derogatory expression of female intelligence.
I used to think she was cool, but now I realize she's "out with da girlz, call da cell!!!1!" type of girl.
by TommyOkktane December 28, 2003

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(adj.) A politically correct way of calling a person fat.
Guy1: I knew you said she had weight issues, but 250lbs.?!!

Guy2: What can I say? she's a pretty hungry girl.
by TommyOkktane January 23, 2004

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