18 definitions by TommyOkktane

(adj.) A politically correct way of calling a person fat.
Guy1: I knew you said she had weight issues, but 250lbs.?!!

Guy2: What can I say? she's a pretty hungry girl.
by TommyOkktane January 23, 2004
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1. (n.) The absurd practice of betting inordinate sums of money before the flop is shown in Texas Hold'em 2. To go all in before the flop.
Can you believe McSpell? Betting $60 before the flop, and all he was sitting on was pocket twos. He must suffer from preflop ejaculation
by TommyOkktane January 6, 2004
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An expression typed by 12 year-olds and other minimally educated individuals who seem to forget that the grammatically correct form of the expression is "too bad."
LOLRoxoR37: To bad ur so dum
BenWRabbit: Too bad you seemed to have stopped learning at a third grade level.
by TommyOkktane January 29, 2004
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(n.) Slang: Classy way to say "the business" in a sexual connotation.
Yeah, she's pretty hot, I'd give her the sole proprietorship.
by TommyOkktane December 31, 2004
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After a dinner of lamb and tuna fish, Metaxa at the bar, and watching Zorba the Greek at the theatres, we went back to her place to make love Greek-Style
by TommyOkktane December 30, 2004
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(n.) A man whose masculinity is compromised by driving a Volkswagon.
(adj.) Pertaining to the effeminacy of men who drive Volkswagon automobiles.
(n.) Guy 1: I totally bombed out my new Jetta. Got a Bose surround Quad with a sub. Even got a DMB sticker for the back!
Guy 2: Spoken like a true Jettasexual.

(adj.) A jettasexual friend of mine recently got a ticket speeding in his convertible bug.
by TommyOkktane January 15, 2004
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(v.) To rock out so hard, you need to spell it with two k's
Wow, look at Digga rokk out on the air guitar!
by TommyOkktane December 30, 2004
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