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adj. Obvious or absurd, such that it is reminiscent of NBC's "Seinfeld."
Arguing about the relative size of marshmellows is undeniably Seinfeldian.
by The Grammar Nazi July 11, 2002
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1. To orgasm.
2. To enjoy tremendously. (Typically ~ on.)
1. Excuse me, but I have to go get off.
2. louis really gets off on adding definitions to the Urban Dictionary.
by The Grammar Nazi November 8, 2001
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Person 1: Hey, I'm gonna go freebase while getting an intimate piercing and then get a glass bottomed boat from a pachyderm. You coming?

Person 2: No way!
by The Grammar Nazi March 20, 2004
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v. To look for information about something using Google.
I know he lives in MI because that's where the radio station on his shirt is from. (I did a little Googling.)
by The Grammar Nazi January 4, 2002
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Int. "Leave my seat!"

From the sled dog command to start moving.
I called shotgun first! Mush!
by The Grammar Nazi October 17, 2001
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French for 'uncle'
by The Grammar Nazi September 5, 2003
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To slack off with many people at the same time.
I'm not done with that yet; I've been multislacking.
by The Grammar Nazi February 21, 2003
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