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1. n. Semen
2. v. To orgasm

Usage Note: the word is spelled with a 'u' to differentiate it from 'come,' which has a... cleaner definition.
I just got some spam inviting me to "cum here." Is there a double meaning here???
by The Grammar Nazi November 19, 2001

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n. Doing stuff to keep busy while avoiding what really needs doing. When all is said and done, your room is clean, your laundry is folded -- but you haven't started your English paper.
I should really do my program. But instead, I think it's time for some productive procrastination... Where's the mop??
by The Grammar Nazi June 18, 2002

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1. Another word for female genetalia
2. A feline companion.
1. "Pussy feels like warm apple pie."
2. "My pussy got stuck in a tree."
by The Grammar Nazi October 21, 2001

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adv. Something that happens automatically, but that also has some mysterious, "magical" element to it. "Smart" appliances, features, etc. that do intelligent things with less help than you might expect.
I installed Windows, and it screwed up my system automagically!
by The Grammar Nazi January 13, 2002

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n. The conversation that happens after making out/sex. It's infinitely better than normal conversation because there's touching involved.
During pillow talk I asked him about his family.
by The Grammar Nazi June 11, 2002

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n. A sex partner to whom you have no special attachment. A person you occasionally have sex with who is not your S.O.

A fuck buddy is similar to a friend with benefits.
Person 1: So your girlfriend's coming over?
Person 2: She's not my girlfriend. We're just fuck buddies.
by The Grammar Nazi December 15, 2001

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Acronym: Bring Your Own Beer. A party where the alcohol is not provided.
Wanna come over Saturday? We're having a BYOB party.
by The Grammar Nazi June 21, 2001

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