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intj. Said when something you don't like happens or is mentioned.
by The Grammar Nazi December 9, 2001
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Sexual arousal achieved simply through being driven around in the passenger seat of a vehicle.
That road trip was really "exciting"; I got a traveler every other day!
by The Grammar Nazi November 26, 2003
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Abbreviation for "Significant Other". The gender-neutral way to refer to someone's boy/girlfriend.
I'm having a party at my place. Bring your S.O.!
by The Grammar Nazi November 10, 2001
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1. n. Male ejaculate; cum
2. v. To ejaculate; cum
3. v. To become intensely excited about something.
she's going to spooge when she sees what a great job we've done on this assignment!
by The Grammar Nazi November 19, 2001
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Dinner after dinner. The second round of eating following the feast on Thanksgiving Day.
We could go watch a movie and be back here right about time for the second feeding.
by The Grammar Nazi November 22, 2001
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adj. Obvious or absurd, such that it is reminiscent of NBC's "Seinfeld."
Arguing about the relative size of marshmellows is undeniably Seinfeldian.
by The Grammar Nazi July 11, 2002
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(n) Fun involving the exchange of bodily fluids.
"Nick has never had sex."
by The Grammar Nazi October 21, 2001
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