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Style with Ease
Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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When idiots are mad at you, they write "you are dum" on a note and pass it to you.
Person 1: Look at the idiot over there. he just passed me a note that says "you are dum".
Person 2: He must really be dum
by sir climer the great May 10, 2017
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Possibly the worst ironic word in the intire internet type. A shortenend version of the usually/possibly insulting word ' dumb ', which originally means 'unable to talk', but in todays language, means just plain stupid.
Umm...Umm. I think you are dum maaan, you can't even spell dum right- dum ass!
by D Mob January 23, 2005
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to not be smart about something or not make correct decisions
correct spelling dumb
"That girl is dum dude"
by heavy_a December 18, 2002
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1. A common misspelling of dumb.
2. Or another word for dry cum
1. Dude: Man your so dum!

Man: dude your spelling skills suck!

2.Aw sh*t, got a bunch of dum from last night on my pants!
by Yermom<3 June 05, 2014
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