Really funny but a bit immature. He doesn't have many friends but is loyal to them. He is a bit of a troublemaker. he is a good person inside.
by TheUltraNoob April 20, 2020
The most amazing person you'll ever meet. He's beautiful in every way possible. He can make you smile, even when you're both upset. He has the most caring heart despite being through so much pain. He's sensitive though so if you're lucky enough to ever be with him, treat him as well as possible.
Person 1: "wow, Jay is great"
Jay's girlfriend : "I know right? He's only mine though"
by Megtallica February 12, 2018
Why do y’all think jay is always a male
by ziam rules h*es May 12, 2020
The best person Ive ever been with who makes me smile and laugh i love you to the moon and back
I’m so happy to have met Jay!
by livelaughliana January 22, 2022
A pyramid scheme organization that is recruiting members for the sole purpose of taking over the world.. and Astelic's discord server.
by NotArabianonymous August 15, 2019
An epic lad!! Makes love like no other out there 🙈🙈 Hide your girlfriends coz Jays massive cock will murder that pussy 💯💯 He’s a SAVAGE!!
by Heyheuheuwjqyshaplening October 28, 2018
Jay is an extra identifiable sexuality in addition to the commonly recognised ones.

A "Jay" will verbally mandate that they are straight, and defend this to the death, however they do like penises. The smell, the taste, the look, the feel and the cum they produce, and will be adamant of their desire for all forms of interaction and intercourse with other penises.

The prime differentiator between what would be commonly understood as bisexual and a "Jay" is that a "Jay" has no attraction to the same sex romantically.

A "Jay" is basically a closet bisexual who can't bring themselves to admit their true sexuality.
No, he's not bisexual, he's a "Jay". He loves cock but just won't admit he's not straight
by dancinr April 20, 2022