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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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The most amazing person you'll ever meet. He's beautiful in every way possible. He can make you smile, even when you're both upset. He has the most caring heart despite being through so much pain. He's sensitive though so if you're lucky enough to ever be with him, treat him as well as possible.
Person 1: "wow, Jay is great"
Jay's girlfriend : "I know right? He's only mine though"
by Megtallica February 11, 2018
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Is Amazing Handsome Strong and Tall with a Sexy tan. His brown eyes are captivating and his smile is intoxicating with the Sexiest Deep voice your ears will ever hear. Is the Best man (if your Lucky enough) to have Love you. Making your heartbeat like no one ever has. Everyone wants to be his friend and every girl Dreams of being his girlfriend.

One look back at my Sexy Tan Australian Jay with his surfboard in hand always takes this American's girls breath away and leaves me speechless in love..
Jay you are my perfect wave and I love you heaps
by Confusedncute December 10, 2014
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A super hot guy loves his girl and looks after her, he treats her as if she is a princess is a very good companion and friend, can cheer you up and is protective of his friends and girlfriend. Popular and hot a lot of girls chase him but he still loves his girlfriend and isn't a player. Has a love for dogs and is very caring. Is super fit. Always there when you need him.
Jay is so fit
by Dictionary meanings.com June 06, 2015
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Jay is a boy that has been through hell but has came back with a smile on his face.he has been crushing on these girls but there only one that he can’t take his mind off because she just to beautiful.jay is a boy who u can trust even if you don’t know him because he ain’t fake like others.jay is dealing with medical issues but he always seems to be smile. Jay is a great person to make you laugh. Jay would fucking sacrifice his life for you or his family and friends.if u ever meet a boy named jay keep him cause a person that would make your day because he’s just goofy , fine , smart
Jay is crushing on a girl

Jay is fine

Jay is a person who would sacrifice his life for u
by 503 jay August 07, 2019
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Jay tends to be super funny and sweet. He isn't afraid to voice his opinion. At times he can be a little immature though (everything he does is still super cute though)! He is normally loyal and will stick with you through thick and thin, keeping your spirits up with his hilarious jokes and positive attitude. Oh, did I mention that he's super cute? He may also wear glasses (so cute)!

If you found yourself a Jay, well you're in luck!

I love the Jay I know, he's just perfect.
I want him.
I need him.
I will have him.
"Oh I wish I could find myself a Jay!"
"Don't go stealing my Jay! He's the sweetest boyfriend ever~!"
by xxpastazxx June 19, 2018
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