3- is the simple texting lingo for buttsex. It can be used to indicate sexual desire, or to make your friends uncomfortable.
Friend: Sup Bru?

You: 3-

Friend: .................... Can we talk later?
by xXBigDaddySmasher69Xx January 13, 2017
3<3 is a widget for a butt shooting out a cloud of fart. You can even make the fart emphasis more powerful by typing in more <'s like 3<<<<<<<<3 or 3<3<3<3<3<3<3 It can often be mistaken for a heart <3 widget though.
BR-r-r-r-r-rRRT!! 3<3 IN YO FACE.

Squeeze it, baby. 3<3

I totally farted HARD dude. 3<<<<<<3 RIPPED IT
by Rhett1a January 27, 2011
it means anal sex. the first 3 is the woman's ass, the - is the penis, and the last three is the dude's but
damn, girl! bet you want some 3-3!
by John April 29, 2004
an emoticon representing those cartoon looks of love with hearts being the eyes <3 ___ <3
guy: baby, you mean the world to me

girl: <3 ___ <3

aww you're so sweet baby!
by pan21da October 4, 2010
-3- represents a kissy face the 3 is the puckered lips and the two - are the closed eyes.

Hope that cleared everything up 😊
by Chemille June 22, 2018
A girl that has three kids by three different dads.

Damn look at those kids, that is definitely a 3 by 3. No way that is the same dad.
by DeathMess1ah September 17, 2018
that number Gabe can't count to.
Kindergarten teacher: Alright Gabe time to take your counting test!
Young GabeN: 1, 2, 4, 5-
Kindergarten teacher: wait you forgot 3!
Young GabeN: ??? wut?
by Sack o' Flaps September 22, 2019