it is reverse form of set phrase " play down", meaning to reduce the seeming importance of (something).
One way to downplay Western incomes is to compare the purchasing power in China with your home country.
by sihua yan February 4, 2005
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𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯. logical fallacy; the bias of downplaying an event because of how old it was in order to minimalize or render a person's criticism obsolete, while choosing not to refute the main point of the argument.
Guy 1: "The artist allegedly sent nudes to a girl who was seventeen-years old at the time while he was eighteen. Now the drama has been brought up again recently after three years, and the artist claims that he didn't know the girl's age at the time before they sent explicit photos."
Guy 2: "It just happened 3 years ago. Sometimes people just need to let it go, and let the guy grow up."
Guy 3: "That's a Novel Downplay fallacy."
by LCD.00 January 13, 2023
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Noun.,A downplayer is someone with an opinion who changes their mind cause their friend/wannabe friend has a different one. Downplayers just want to fit in and be liked so they are afraid to be themselves.
Friend 1: I think their great
Friend 2: I'm not mad about them
Friend 1: Well their ok their not the best I suppose
Friend 2: Wow, your a downplayer
by The Bullshit Bounty Hunter January 5, 2012
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