A Dwayne is the most handsome boy on earth, Dwayne's are normally strong, dark, and muscularly built. Dwayne's are very funny and awesome to be around. Dwayne's makes the greatest boyfriends. They'll open up only to a girl he truely love, he's understanding and passionate about his liver. Dwayne's maybe be nice to hang with but don't get them in their wrong sides.
Dwayne's usually goes with girls name starting with B, A, J, R, S, and C
Get yourself a Dwayne and if you had one your stupid to let them go
Dwayne, I really love you.
by Jada's thoughts♥️ August 29, 2020
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a handsome guy, great kisser, good dancer.

(verb) dwayne is to drink to much and get wasted af.
You should dwayne a little less on fridays?

girl: My boyfriends name is dwayne
girl2 : oh my goss, you are so lucky
by ookkkuurrr June 5, 2018
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A, sexy black man that fucks yo bitch anytime he want on piru👌💯🅱️
by Cookieboi April 5, 2018
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n. Someone of the male gender:
romantic, tall dark and handsome, gentleman, hilarious, charming, good dancer and kisser... pretty much the perfect guy.
Sara: Who was that guy you were with?
Laura: Dwayne!
Sara: OMG, LUCKY!!!
by -poorcow- May 23, 2005
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Boy: What did you name your cat?
Girl: Dwayne.
Boy: Who the fuck names their cat Dwayne!
by notdeliveryitsgiorno April 27, 2018
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Has a huge penis and usually has a girlfriend with a N and is very attractive
Damn Dwayne is very good looking
by Crazybrazy April 17, 2021
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I have a huge dwayne.
by Mikery September 19, 2008
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