everybody LOVES CORMAC he is SO COOL he makes EVERY BODYS NIPPLES HARD. he makes girls faint. he has a HUGE THROBBING GUSHING heart. (what did you think it was gonna say)
boy: I wanna be Cormac he's SO cool
Cormac is very friendly and outgoing. He is one of the funniest people you will ever meet and there's never a dull moment when you're in his presence. He is an amazing friend and is always there for you no matter what. Cormac always knows the right thing to say and he is one of the people you can trust with everything. He's extremely dirty minded but its hilarious most of the time. He is just an awesome guy xD
Dude 1: Who's that awesome dude over there?
Dude 2:Thats cormac...
by thehost15 September 29, 2011
A downright legend and nice guy that would do anything for his friends especially his younger friends who he treats like his children and will go all dany larasoe on your ass for even slagging one of them you have been warned

A cormac also knows how to win over the ladies with his typical charms charisma humor and kindness with his good looks cuddlyness humor and horse like attachments who wouldn't want a cormac inside their lives

He is also a very smart person both in school and streets he can get an A in his school work but will also know how to handel himself in a fight if he needs to

All around a cormac charming cute and sext boy who would do anything for his friends we all want a cormac but ladies theres only one horse attachment
Hey did you hear about yer man that's with that ty year that's only on 3rd his such a cormac
by Ahiddenspy June 14, 2019
A cormac is a very friendly sexy boy who will always have a smile on his face while always smiling he will be fully prepared to kill you if you go anywhere near his friends especially the ones his treats like a child from.his group

He also has an amazing sense of humor who will always be sure to laugh and smile his has a somewhat dark sense of humor but that's what girls love about him

Another thing that drags in the ladies is his good looks good body and horse like attachments girls also love to play with his curly brown hair and blue eyes

He is also a very smart person who could get An A but is also very street smarts person
He is also a very playful boy who once he gets his hands on something will never let go😉😉

Overall a cormac is a very sexy cute boy who will.go from protecting you in the streets to poking you in the sheets
Bro did you hear about the guy thats in 3rd year going out with. A 5th year his such a cormac
by Ahiddenspy June 12, 2019
Species of Peruvian raccoon closely related to the weasel-rat. Lives on crisps and houmous.
There is a cormac rummaging through that bin. Hide the crisps.
by Oggintheog September 2, 2010
An alright guy, but can be a jerk most of the time. Most people like him.
Guy :"C'mon dude give it back! Don't be such a Cormac!"
by Superchez February 6, 2014
a tall boy fond of rapping to katy perry songs and hangs out with roadman gingers
cormac stop being eminem and do something productive like maybe not being a tree