Ur friend speaks in the radio and tells u to speak in the radio
Tower a:this is tower a come in
Tower b:I ate noodles do u copy

Tower a:I copy over
by Uw- May 25, 2019
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to try to attract someone romantically or sexually
She felt bold and confident enough to come on to him at the party.
by fjii January 13, 2010
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To be aggressive toward someone, usually with jealous and/or malicious undertones.
"Don't try to come for me, heifer! You know you just jealous."

"I make six figures, and you're nothing but a housewife. Come for me!!"

"They tried to come for me with some stuff from my past. I wasn't having it."
by natemup June 01, 2014
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Michael: I'm not sure I want to do this.
Gob: Come on!
by CJBC December 01, 2006
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Come on is a fast phrase which is meant to persuade someone into understanding a different perspective.

It can be used to attempt to help someone agree/convince them that you have their best intentions in mind.

Come on can also mean that somebody is being too slow, and they need to do something faster.

"Come on" isn't meant to be used literally.

However, the phrase is common, yet vague, nondescript, and should not be used.
I'm trying to get you to agree with me; come on, man!
by thereelme September 25, 2019
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We use this word for cum
Me: Are you going comming
Friend: Yes?
Me: with who?
Friend: fuck no, I ain't comming.
Girl: Come with me!
by smertieboi February 21, 2019
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