Emily is the most stunning girl in the world whether she sees it or not. She is social, intelligent, and beautiful. She isn’t fake, and doesn’t talk behind peoples back’s. She has been through many hard times but always wakes up with a smile on her face ready to brighten everyone’s day. Her best friend doesn’t deserve her. No one does. She is the best friend anyone could ask for. If you have an Emily, keep her close to your heart because she is special. She is more special than the sun in the sky, the grass on the ground, the water in the sea, and the birds in the air. Remind yourself daily that whoever is in charge up there was feeling extra generous when they gave you an Emily, because she is a living miracle here on earth. She is the piece that completes your complicated puzzle. Without her the world would stop turning, the sun would stop shining, and the people would stop smiling. And if Emily is your best friend, never let her go because I promise you will never, ever, ever get someone like her. You will never even get someone close. Love your Emily with all of your heart, and when you have no more love left to give, love her some more. She deserves it more than anyone. Don’t take her for granted. Let her know all the time she is beautiful and smart and priceless and that you love her, that you love her more than anything. If you have an Emily in your life, love her. Please.
Person 1: My best friend is Emily.
Person 2: Luckyyyyyy!!
Person 3: I wish I had an Emily.
by änï December 14, 2017
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A beautiful girl. She's the life of the party and can always make you laugh. You can have conversations with her about absolutely nothing and it will still be hilarious. She can always cheer you up no matter what and always seems to know what to say. She's completely a softe for the ones she loves even though she's a badass (: Emilys are crazy but also awesome. Awesome Emily
Person 1: WOAH, that girl looks fun to be around!
Person 2: Oh yeah thats Emily!
by Hiskitten<3 October 25, 2012
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Emily is a shy person but when you get to know her she is the sweetest person ever. You can always tell her random fun facts. She is very psychic and mentions that a lot. She is someone who would wake up extremely early just to talk to you. Emily is an amazing artist (better than she thinks she is). Emily always has good grades in school but often procrastinates. Emily is cute, almost as cute as a boat. Emily will always listen if you want to talk about something (whatever it is). You and her will likely have a lot of inside jokes. Emily is a reason to stay up all night or wake up very early. Emily is the most amazing person in the entire world. Whenever there are many people present Emily will just silently watch. Emily knows many strange people. You need to make her feel like the most special person because she is. Talking to Emily will make you happier than anything else in the world.
by LinusNotTechTips June 2, 2020
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Emily is an extremely kind person. She hasn't always had the best life, and sometimes feels neglected by her family. She's beautiful, but doesn't believe so. Emily is very self conscious and she's suffering, but just won't show it. She's the most amazing person out there, but she can't see it. Emily is the one you think is shy though she is always there to listen and doesn't take a good friend for granted. She will always treat you well. Emily has respect for herself as well as others, and she is always thinking of others. Emily is forgiving, but she won't be pushed around. She is strong in her values, but she won't shove her beliefs down your throat. Emily is a Christian and loves the Lord, and her personality shows that. She's caring, and loyal, and gives great advice. She has some amazing friends that she'd do anything for. Emily is a girl you'll want to know.
That girl's so sweet, She MUST be an Emily.
by 123321995 October 25, 2011
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An absolutely stunning person. Has an amazing heart and personality. She is like a princess, someone you should always keep close to you.
Boy 1: Wow, look at that girl. She looks like a godess.
Boy 2: Yeah, thats Emily
by reecelover December 8, 2011
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An Emily is a girl who makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning. She accepts you as you are, because she doesn't judge. And you accept her as she is, because she's flawless, Her beauty is only a reflection of her lovely heart, one any guy would be lucky to call his.
Terrance: i wanna fall in love with someone

Beth: hey, have you met emily?
by nnam_ecnarret November 26, 2011
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A girl with little self confidence.
A girl who attempts to make everyone smile.
A girl who tries her hardest in everything, especially her dreams.
A girl who'd fall over almost every second.
A girl who feels alone, but has everyone surround her with open arms.
A girl who feels neglected by her family and never tells anyone...only spurting it out every once in a while.

A girl who can't say "no" because she fears hurting another.
A girl who is self conscious, and will even start fights when she argues that she isn't pretty.

Emily's can be a handful, and always need a shoulder to rely on. She has a bright, bubbly personality, but you should know her better than that. She's human. She has days where she's depressed as fuck, and other days where all she wants to do is be with you or her friends.

She can be a huge idiot, your best friend, and the love of your life. One second you could be playing video games and the next kissing in the rain. You'll never know where this timid yet slightly headstrong girl will lead you.

If you find an Emily, try making friends...hopefully she'll be one of these rare girls who you'll become instant friends with.
Scenario 1:

Person 1: Emily seemed pretty sad today....

Person 2: How about you go talk to her..? She seemed fine yesterday...

Scenario 2:

Emily: >D haha- second time I've beat you at this game today.

You: Whatever. I'll beat you this time...

Emily: Like to see you try~~
by AnonymousDreamer October 15, 2011
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