To make an unexpected last minute, decision. This definition is derived from its meaning in football.
Cara pulled an audible and called in sick to work.
by Susie Y May 11, 2005
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Meena was audible enough to be heard.
by Pooja sainarayan September 14, 2003
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Farting out loud, usually when intending otherwise and wearing headphones.
Via instant message: FUCK! I just called an audible here in the office.
by jack October 7, 2003
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An amazon company that pays many medium sized youtubers to promote them, such as Jacksfilms and JonTron. Known for being at the end of many videos and the butt of many jokes.
Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet
Before Romeo dies, he leans over Juliette's body and whispers in her ear
"Audible has over 150,000 books"
by rAz February 10, 2015
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To decide what to do at the last second after seeing all possible options and obstacles that come up.
Comes from football, seen when the quarterback goes up to the line of scrimmage, sees a defensive alignment he wasn't expecting, and adjusts by yelling out a new play.
I'm thinking of going jogging but if it rains I'll have to call an audible and go to the gym instead.
by joe user October 19, 2004
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Occurs when a number one turns into a number two.
I had to call a quick bathroom audible in the Taco Bell washroom, I was standing at the urinal when my number one turned into a number two.
by Zuzzy Foeller February 11, 2014
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That intense sensation that travels up through your body you get when your listening to a good song. It is usually induced by a song you just found out about.
That Led Zeppelin song just gave me an audible orgasm!
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