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The alarmer often faces embarresment when they set their car alarm off by accient, or worse, their house alarm. If they don't (or can't) turn it off quickly you are driven to insanity as it wont STOP RINGING. AAHHHH. The problem with alarmers is that they have led the rest of the general public to believe that if they hear an alarm, that it was an alarmer causing it, so they will ignore it. If there is a valid reason for the alarm to go off, the person who set it off, will get away.
"Oh god, it's another ruddy alarmer. Learn how to use the little button you idiot"

"Oh not another ruddy alarmer" "What if it's someone breaking in" "Don't be an idiot"
by Slim Jim 3:16 July 10, 2005
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Someone who freaks out easily when things happen
Jack: Fuck dude, some guy is banging your girlfriend!

Jethro: Sheit, she's just grapling with my cousin, you big ole alarmer! Why don't you get over here and have a munch of my cock cheese
by Jade Lotus July 10, 2005
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An alarmer is someone who has an alarm that has gone off accidentally. Like a car-alarm or a house alarm. An alarmer who hasn't switched off their alarm is the worst kind. This is when the alarm just stays on continuously and you have to go somewhere else before it drives you crazy.
Wonder when that alarm will stop going-off like that!! oh, looks like it will be soon, I think that's the alarmer coming over.
by Professor of new English June 22, 2005
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