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An Alarm is a morning routine comprised of the following steps:

1) Take a rip from a Juul
2) Without exhaling, take a rip from a bong
3) Still without exhaling, shotgun a beer
4) Exhale and enjoy!

The term is derived from the Alarm’s ability to wake the subject up from the sleeplike state of sobriety.
Yo, I set the Alarm for 5 minutes, esketit
by GucciMitch February 17, 2018
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An audible alert to wake you up in the morning.
He set Alarm to wake him up for work.

Plural: He set 2 larms to wake his tired ass up.
by Green31 July 10, 2014
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The alarm describes a freaky asian girl's orgasm. When she continuously wails that high pitch, the sound resembles an alarm hence the name alarm.
I was fuckin this asian chick and i thought the fire alarm went off.
by jeffr April 27, 2008
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