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An utterance by intellectuals to express their grief with the rising income inequality, as well as the general degrading of our sociopolitical rhetoric. Only people of extraordinary IQ (typically above 200) can properly use the word to it's full potential.
Reporter: How do you think the new tax reform bill will affect citizens of low socioeconomic status?
Congressman: ESKETIT ESKETIT ESKETIT ::gunshots::
Reporter: A true visionary!
Reporter 2: Remarkable!
by SaltySal January 22, 2018
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Lil Pump Jetski's own personalized way of saying, "let's get it". The Trapper of the Century uses the word like an ad-lib, in both his music and in the real world. Often times in places that it wouldn't fit at all if somebody with over 7 brain cells tried to use it. But who really cares? Nobody. Fuck it he's the trapper of the century. Here are some examples:
Fits in the sentence: 'Bout to hit the Gucci store, esketit!
Doesn't fit in the sentence: Lil Pump never spend his money on a bitch, esketit!
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by Louis Vuitton Don II August 15, 2017
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Rapper Lil Pump's way of saying "Let's Get It".

Also used by edgy, white 14-year old boys who think Lil Pump is the best rapper of all time.
"Esketit! Lil Pump is the Trapper of the Century!", shouted Daniel.

*2 weeks later*

CBC: Breaking News! It is reported that a 14-year old boy named Daniel Anderson has engaged in a Mass Shooting at Poolesville High School. Reportedly 11 dead and 17 injured!
by sayuze October 22, 2017
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Lil Pump's favorite word. It has many meanings like getting money, get lit, turn up, or "let's get it"
"Ayee this music lit"

Lil Pump: "ESKETIT"
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by Hottie69420 July 07, 2017
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Lil Pump and Smokepurpp (lil purpp) favorite phrase meaning “let’s get it”. When pump and purpp say this, they are either referring to money, drugs, or sex
Teacher: ok class, so today we will be learning to pronounce words. Apparently, this class is for kids who never learned to pronounce words with the letters “Es” so let’s do the attendance real quick... Gazzy Garcia?

Lil Pump: Here, bitch

Teacher: Ok and Omar Pineiro

Smokepurpp: I oughtta buy yo nipples

Teacher: First word escalator

Lil Pump: Esketit!

Teacher: ok Omar, your turn. Your word is “Eliminate”

Smokepurpp: Esketit

Lil Pump: yeah! Ouu

Smokepurpp: It’s Gucci gang!
by ymbtlex January 08, 2018
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esketit is usually said in sentences by Lil pump and his brainless army.

No one really knows the definition
He doesnt use the word esketit in any sentences, he just randomly screams it...
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by YaboiiEddiii November 07, 2017
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