Lil Pump Jetski's own personalized way of saying, "let's get it". The Trapper of the Century uses the word like an ad-lib, in both his music and in the real world. Often times in places that it wouldn't fit at all if somebody with over 7 brain cells tried to use it. But who really cares? Nobody. Fuck it he's the trapper of the century. Here are some examples:
Fits in the sentence: 'Bout to hit the Gucci store, esketit!
Doesn't fit in the sentence: Lil Pump never spend his money on a bitch, esketit!
by Louis Vuitton Don II August 16, 2017
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Rapper Lil Pump's way of saying "Let's Get It".

Also used by edgy, white 14-year old boys who think Lil Pump is the best rapper of all time.
"Esketit! Lil Pump is the Trapper of the Century!", shouted Daniel.

*2 weeks later*

CBC: Breaking News! It is reported that a 14-year old boy named Daniel Anderson has engaged in a Mass Shooting at Poolesville High School. Reportedly 11 dead and 17 injured!
by sayuze October 22, 2017
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Rapper Lil Pump's favorite word . A word that defines getting money .
by Issa.Jonny May 9, 2017
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Chiraq slang for ”lets get it

Lil pump got this from cheif keef when he used to look up him
*cocks back aku in backseat of a car*
”aight n*gga you ready?”
*does a driveby*
by getting dippy January 31, 2019
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esketit is usually said in sentences by Lil pump and his brainless army.

No one really knows the definition
He doesnt use the word esketit in any sentences, he just randomly screams it...
by YaboiiEddiii November 7, 2017
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Although esketit might sound as if the famous rapper Lil Pump is saying "Let's get it", in the song OK by smokepurpp he says "ESKETIT ALL OVER THE PLACE", which could only refer to the rapper Lil Pump nutting all over the place
by jvadi December 28, 2017
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an eskimo/inuit lady's breast.
"Dude, did you see? Chikuk's esketit just flopped on out!"
by Vendetta86 November 16, 2017
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