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amature at life
You are an amature at life
by Scott January 21, 2004
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Mercedes-Benz's small performance division. Takes regular Mercedes's, adds new wheels, a really powerful handbuild and assembled engine, and probably a new air dam and exhaust tips.
This AMG is the fastest, most well built car on earth.
by Scott January 20, 2004
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One that gives Sloppy Anal. In doing so, Anal juices spray all over said person reciveing the anal.
Girl last night i almost drowned in my juices due to his anal sloppage.
by Scott February 25, 2004
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Emo kids that can't have sex due to their overwhelming feelings of unhappiness.
Conner Oberst: "What's wrong dude?"

Chrise Carabba: "I'm sad because my girl dumped me because I was too sad to have sex with her"

Conner: "dude, emosexuality is a disease, you need help. I got help and now I'm not so sad, and I can get laid now."

Chris: "But, I just can't help it, I like being sad..."
by Scott July 1, 2004
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about, close to
You owe back taxes to the tune of $900,000.
by Scott November 2, 2003
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Deep-fried ravioli, well known throughout St. Louis as Toasted Ravioli.
"Let's go to Dominic's restaurant on the Hill and get some T-Rav"
by Scott June 19, 2006
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