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when working out and getting soo sweety even your dick is sweatting
"I just came back from the gym and man do i have a sweenis!"
by Scott June 23, 2004
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The good old-fashioned, proven missionary-position.
I guess you gonna be hittin' the Y with that boy tonight? C'mon?
by Scott October 10, 2003
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A shortened version of "Let's Go"
Jane:"Dick, sgo!!!" Dick:"Jane, leave me alone, I'm playing video games!"
by Scott January 23, 2003
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Fly's like an eagle, god damn human frog, reminds me of MJ-Labron
by Scott April 7, 2003
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Verb. To jib. Jibbing. The act of manuvering a bicycle, skateboard, snowboard or skis in tricky manner on top of and around a structure such as a stump, rocks, stairs, railigs, rooftops, etc. When you are playing around, showing off, jumping, flipping, hopping, etc you are jibbing.
Biker: Lets go jib on the steps at the library.

Skier: We were jibbin' all over the terrain park saturday.
by Scott February 23, 2004
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the little white balls of discharge expelled from the vagina
That girl has a ferocious amount of clitty litter.
by Scott April 27, 2004
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n: a dance in which an overweight male will shake his gut by grasping it firmly with both hands and waving it in a clockwise motion. This is usually accompanied with a leap from left foot to right foot and vice versa, as well as the optional singing of "The Hamster Dance" in slow motion.
When Janitor Bud started his jiggle dance, everyone in the lunchroom lost their appetites.
by Scott April 20, 2006
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