a good way to get someone to fall into the trap of you making the nonsensical rhyme using the bizarre phrase "chicken butt." good way to get people mad or annoyed, but if they have good humor, amused.
child: guess what.
silly rabbit: what?
child: chicken butt!
silly rabbit: asshole, first you take away my cereal and yogurt, now you make up silly ass rhymes to make me look bad. i'm getting my sawed-off shotgun from my drawer. then let's see who's silly now.

me: guess what.
shazza: what?
me: chicken butt!
shazza: haha, fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.
by papermachete October 26, 2005
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words used to build anticipation, usually followed by something totally boring.
"guess what?"
"i've decided to sign up for spanish 3 blahblahblah"
by whatever guy July 17, 2005
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when you use the sentence guess what the other person is not allowed to use what as a response they, have to guess in a timely manner or suffer dire consequences
guess what......
by guess what anynomous May 4, 2005
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That Awesome Rap song you still probably haven't heard because of COVID.
Hey, have you heard 'Guess What'?

- What?

Guess What, that rap song by Russ.

-Who is Russ?
by CrackerTheJack April 8, 2021
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Billy: " guess what?"
Jr: " Wha-"
Billy : "CHICKEN BUTT.. hehe :)"
by gerpingnubssonly July 18, 2020
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its usually said when something is saying something you are not interested in or care about
Mia:I had mcdonalds last night because mum didnt cook.
Dionne:Guess what?
by Realest Bae February 17, 2016
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