one who is fat and useless or in the process of being fat and useless, similar to fatty mcfatfat
hey tub tub go get me a sandwich.
don't eat that tub tub thats mine
by nonesense April 25, 2007
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The act of taking a laptop into the bath with you and massaging your meat.
A: Hey man sorry I didn't get your call, i was Tubbing for like 2 hours last night!

B: Really? I need to try that sometime...
by Kaninsnase69 November 17, 2014
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but in 20/20 harriet tubman is going to be on it
so tubs!
Bro I got alot of of tubs last night stripping.
by JayDunka July 12, 2016
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An invention used to wash your filthy ass in.
Albert was so relieved to wash his fat stankin ass in the tub.
by Mr. Dwayne May 31, 2005
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when someone says tubs it means yes, ok, or affirmative
Ava: "Are you down to get some takeout today?"
Danial: "Tubs!"
by presitofmyarmor April 07, 2021
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