one who is fat and useless or in the process of being fat and useless, similar to fatty mcfatfat
hey tub tub go get me a sandwich.
don't eat that tub tub thats mine
by nonesense April 25, 2007
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thats it, it's me Tub Tub
by ACRT-303 July 26, 2016
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The act of taking a laptop into the bath with you and massaging your meat.
A: Hey man sorry I didn't get your call, i was Tubbing for like 2 hours last night!

B: Really? I need to try that sometime...
by Kaninsnase69 November 17, 2014
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When you grab a tub of ice cream or a shit ton of food and you just tub that shit. Like absolutely demolish it, the whole tub.
“Yo bro what happened to you?”
Nuffing I just eating” (obese voice)
“Get a life and quit tubbing you fuckin oinker
by Gferda October 6, 2023
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a code word for a realy fat person. The person is soooo fat and stinks sooo much.
"Tub Tub is soo fat she sank the titanic".
"Tub Tub is soo fat when she turned around there was a hurrican".
"When Tub Tub farted i blow back 20 feet".
by suess! January 1, 2011
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my names tommywee, i eat too much cream cakes and im a tub-tub
by pimps bitch October 30, 2007
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but in 20/20 harriet tubman is going to be on it
so tubs!
Bro I got alot of of tubs last night stripping.
by JayDunka July 13, 2016
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