but in 20/20 harriet tubman is going to be on it
so tubs!
Bro I got alot of of tubs last night stripping.
by JayDunka July 13, 2016
An invention used to wash your filthy ass in.
Albert was so relieved to wash his fat stankin ass in the tub.
by Mr. Dwayne May 31, 2005
An adjective describing someone who eats a ton in one sitting or is just feeling fat.
Wow, I just a ton of food. I’m feeling like a tub.
by marycate146 January 15, 2018
A person who is a bit more than chubby but not fat or rounded.
Person 1: Hey did you see that fat kid?
Person 2: He's not fat he's a tub.
Person 3: You are a tub.
by Thedragonquest9nerd April 24, 2011
An alternate for of laughing or typing lol, haha, hehe, etc.
More tubs are added for the amount of laughter
"hey look at that"
"Ewww thats ugly"
by Chris West January 11, 2004