Drawing an early conclusion to a statment in a random conversation due to lack of details... thats it.
guy 1: yeah i totally shook the bed with that chick.
guy 2: Thats it, you only shook the bed nothing else....
guy 3: :P
guy 2: Thats it...(guy 3 came out of no where)
by guy# 3 randomnessly June 10, 2011
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similar to "werd" meaning "i agree", or "i concur", or "u are correct"
Brian: wheres the show at? her Maj?
Beej: Thats it

Tim: It's all about the benjamins
Beej: Thats it
by Beej December 6, 2004
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1. A discussion that is no longer up for debate. 2. A decision is made and there is no room for change or questioning.
The sky is blue and thats that.
by MJ and Akay February 23, 2010
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Is not a word, you dumb fucknuts. In the category of every other misspelled word, including "it's" "you're" and "they're"
That's= That is
Bob: Thats pretty cool
Sue: It's "that's pretty cool," you illiterate fuck
by Erica :] September 4, 2006
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something you say to people when you don't know what to say, you don't like them, they are really wildin, or you just weren't paying attention. It is the perfect response every time.
Emily: how was your day?

Bubby: *not paying attention* thats crazy
by yourmomschanclas September 14, 2018
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A statement originating in Toronto, made when someone conspires to commit a crime or has already done so.

This typically involves an age gap between two people, such as a 19 year old dating a 17 year old.
Killy: Ay fam you hear that drakes tryna pine Millie Bobby Brown??

Preme: “Yeah fam Thats a caseeee”
by Brampton Wasteyute January 27, 2019
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