A meme originating from the band Gorillaz's spirit house video (2017). In the video, the band enter an old house and band member, Murdoc Niccals, finds the bathroom and exclaims, ''The bath!'' rather enthusiastically and proceeds to take a bath. the phrase has now been coined as an inside joke among 'Gorillaz' fans.
*Murdoc sees bath*
Murdoc: The bath!
Murdoc: Hey guys I'm just gonna take a bath...
Gorillaz fandom: THE BATHHHHHHHH!!!!!
by SexySeagull April 21, 2017
A wonderful place in the UK, near Bristol. Was founded by the Romans, and is home to the famous Roman Baths, hence the reasoning for the name.
I'm going shopping in Bath this weekend, anyone coming?
by soapy17 December 2, 2010
the place full of water that you sit in and may excrete.
Robert: Im going for a bath

Dave: dont forget your zebra

Robert: hey my nip nips are erect

Dave: Wow!
by Mr. Wibble April 26, 2008
1. a large shell, can be filled with water for washing.
2. Town near Bristol, UK where the Romans built lots of the above, roman name "aqua sulis"
1. jesus you stink! take a bath!
2. we crucified jesus, now let us build a bath!
by vicky pollard December 22, 2004
A city in southwest England characterised by the preponderance of people with upward turned noses. Rumoured to be the inspiration for the South Park episode where everyone buys a Prius and inhales their own farts. Extremely posh, if you ignore the several billion homeless people, who presumably got evicted because they could no longer afford to pay Mayfair prices for a damp, smelly roomshare operated by the hippy daughter of a no doubt thoroughly disappointed but wealthy father.
"Wanna go to Bath this weekend so we can pay £28 for a loaf of bread and some organic hummus?"

"Sounds great. Let me just go pin my nose to my forehead first"
by Scrzabble October 16, 2020
1. A term whereby you clean yourselves.
2. A period whereby people use this private time to masturbate.
"Bathing is such a wonderful thing."
by Cuckooo March 4, 2009
An action used when hearing a lot of tea/gossip, preferably when there is too much tea to simply sip
“Wow Karen spilled ALL the tea to me I was bathing!”
“I bathed in all the tea he told me last night”
by googlypops101 October 18, 2018