one who has nothing, means nothing pretty much is nothing.
your a complete nuf nuf
by Pud101 November 5, 2018
No Underwear Friday. A guy/girl who does not wear underpants on Friday. When it comes weekend and you need a good excuse/reason toa get laid or cruising: No underwear friday is a great way to find someone to get some fun. Just show your NUF and enjoy.
Today is NUF, I just saw a guy wearing NUF, I like men who are NUF, I THink today is a NUF. I'm gonna take a selfie with my NUF. Showing my NUF. I'm going out tonight with my friends in NUF.
by flo cr July 24, 2015
A slut that should just stop and sit her ass down in a corner and clean her schedule! A nuf nuf usually are the ones that wear short shorts to an ice skating rink and the tightest of dresses to school.
"Ew, look at that girl! Who wears shorts to an ice rink?!"
"She's just a nuf nuf."
by NoobKitteh March 13, 2012
Novelty Ugly Friend.

The friend who is less attractive than his or her friend. Usually employed to appear more attractive by comparison. Tend to be a hassle during chatting-up of girl or guy.
"Dude, I couldnt get near Amy tonight, she had her NUF with her, right bummer!"
by Natasha Barsby December 25, 2007
During sexual intercourse, the female on top, decides to pass wind directly onto the man on bottom’s testicles, leaving the man’s scrotum to tingle with delight.
When Megan was riding her boyfriend Aron ferociously, she fiercely nuffed to make Aron’s experience as enjoyable as possible.
by AxelRod Poundhouse December 23, 2008