1.)Sexaully frustrating someone in exchange for attention, power or cash. (Prostitution involves the act of sexually gratifying someone in exchange for instant money or other form of pay.) Some people would rather be teased and entertained then get an std.
2.) The controversial act of taking off one's clothing in a provocative manner and sexually teasing. Unfortunately, stripping often involves other things such as grinding and physical contact..depending on how far you go with it, it can turn from teasing into prostitution. Stripping, however, is not the same thing as prostitution, otherwise it would be illegal.
Oh no...my cute friend is very drunk and is stripping on the bar! I need to go save her.

I was turned on for a week after buying a lap dance from the hot girl I saw stripping and now I feel alive again!
by iluvyou2 May 23, 2008
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v. stripped, strip·ping, strips
v. tr.
1. A trick used by whores to bribe others into giving you money even when they don't have any.
2. Also what is used to descibe the appearance of the skin on your member after you have sexual relations with a stripper without using 2 condoms and 3 tablespoons of comet.
quotes from strippers do not exist because
1. anything someone who is stripping say gets tuned out by everyone who has at least 1/8th of a brain.
2. everyone is too buisy staring at their tits
3. stripers are paid to keep their mouths shut and their cloths off.
by Karmakaze February 11, 2006
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1. To be stripped down or basic; Essentially bare.

2. Horrible, bad etc.

3. To have no clothes

4. A type of songs that has been stripped to bare bones, and that sounds great, normally made by Matt Maeson.
1. Wow, that car is stripped.
2. Damn, that stripped tree is ugly as hell
3. Did you see Rebecca, she stripped and I got the best view.

4. Did you hear the stripped version of Hallucinogenics? That shit was fire.
by MostDefNotMex April 3, 2019
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A 100 dollar bill (because of the blue strip )
If she don't got my strips bust her in the lip
by Delmeezy Harper April 23, 2017
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1)A person with no ambitions or goals.

2)Actions with out purpose.
3)Equal to a loser, nobody, bumb
4) A thing that is wack or lame

5) past tense for Stripee
Wearing FUBU in 2009 is stripped.

Your stripped. Your a stripee.
by Mr.EfFeXxx August 15, 2009
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A popular street that is commonly traveled for flossin', usually at night.
I cant wait to hit the strip tonight, it's gonna be on and cracking!
by Red October 9, 2003
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