it's like a final decision for some plans or troubles.
it's your call for our marriage
waiting for you call, i'm sick
by Nowhere to go April 12, 2013
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you call me in the morning to wake me up you call me in the evening to tell me that its lunch and your call at night-completes my life.
im in love with my best friend..
im such a fool-------!
the song your call is this girl in love with her best friend and every time he calls her she falls in love with him more but he doesn't no it.
by lexy montalto♥ May 2, 2009
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When the annoying people in your life are calling you and you wait until you are sure they have heard it connect...then hit ignore.
My baby daddy, Tim, called me when he knew I was with Mike, so I rockstared his call.

If you call me one more time, I'm going to rockstar your call.
by fearless115 March 5, 2010
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Perhaps the biggest bit of corporate and public-sector BS ever foisted upon us as middle- and lower-economic class people. Usually indicates that you'll have to endure ten to thirty minutes of bland wallpaper music or loops of repeated advertisements before a real human voice gets on the phone.
I tried to call my insurance company to find out about their rates for fire insurance, but all I got was "your call is important to us"!
by pentozali November 12, 2008
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A variation of the "Mother Insult" type of joke/taunt. My friends and I use this as playful banter.
Person A: Hey, your mom called.
Person B: Yeah?
Person A: Yeah, she wants to know if she can borrow some batteries for her vibrator. (Or something equally disturbing)
by Phalanxx January 7, 2010
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when u bout to get an ass whoopin as your dad comes down the stairs with a belt
i walked in the door and as soon as my parents told me m your teacher called i ran for my life
by michaelphelpsgold February 7, 2017
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