A person who has fine eyesight but wears glasses with proper lenses because if makes them "smart".
Say an idiot with fine eyesight put on proper glasses, he would become a smart.
I am a smart!
That bloke over there is a smart.
You're a smart?
Woah. You just did a smart.
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Knowledgeable, witty, or intelligent. Not a popular thing to be in America these days.
by Anonymous June 9, 2003
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you have the necessary level of intelligence to complete a given task
"I don't feel good about the test."
"Relax already, you'll be fine. You've got the smarts."
by kevin'o' March 25, 2014
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1- To have proper spelling
2- To know what's good for you, whether you do it or not
3- To do what's best
4- To look at both issues
5- To admit your mistakes
6- To not overdo it
7- To not need to be told every little detail
8- To wonder constantly
9- To understand
10- To be weird
11- To think for yourself
12- The exact opposite of Poodle
13- To not suck up
14- To have a good sense of humor
15- To not pretend to be something you're not
16- To let he idiots embarass themselves
17- To question everything
Smart is...Uncommon around here.
by Tianto November 24, 2004
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An engorged penis (or its metaphorical equivalent, a state of sexual or quasi-sexual arousal) that results from intellectual stimulation.
Baby, the way your tongue trips across the philosophical terminology and so cleverly articulates the existential quandary--you really give me a smart on.
by joelmw October 23, 2010
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