1. Two pieces of corrective lenses held together by a frame, side by side, to be worn in front of one's two eyes.
2. Something girls look hot wearing.
1. Haha! You're blind! You need glasses.
2. Amy looks hot wearing those glasses!
by supernintendo_chalmers January 19, 2005
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if you just moved to the uk and left your glasses back un the usa and asked your dad to send them to you, it could happen that it takes him more than a year to send them. in that cases, you are so desperate and unable to see, that you start putting two hair ties on your eyes and calling them your glasses
gf: has your dad sent you your glasses yet?
bf: no but i got THESE glasses. *holds a hair tie on both of his eyes*
by c0mosellama September 29, 2020
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something you wear that makes you look smarter
john wears glasses, he must be getting straight A's
by tatomuck1 January 22, 2009
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cool things worn on eyes to correct vision.
People think because I were glasses I am a geek.
by Holmesgurl October 2, 2003
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Stuff that you put on your eyes that make you a real dork or real hot looking.
Bob is a computer geeks because he is wearing glasses.
Lizzie looks really hot with these glasses.
E-40 just looks cool with his glasses.
by Lil Duff 2008 June 17, 2008
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1. objects that you wear on your face, usually in front of your eyes, that make the world clearer.

2. objects that make you look super hot.
1. Do you see her glasses?
Yes, it looks like she can really see!

2. Do you see her new glasses?
Yes, she looks so amazing, even better then yesterday!
by sophisrad December 19, 2009
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glasses are glass opticals that help people with a weak vision see things CLEARLY.

short-sightedness is very common eye condition for people who wear glasses.however, there are also people who are far-sighted.
overall, Depending on the amount of myopia, you may only need to wear glasses for certain activities, like watching a movie or reading a book.it doesn’t matter if you’re short/far sighted, glasses will always come in handy;)
example 1

Hannah*struggling to read out a word from the board*:hey can you see what it says up there, right after the umm ‘danger’?
Emily: oh no, sorry it isn’t clear to me either.
Hannah:really? but you’re wearing glasses...
Emily*loses temper*: i- hold on—lemme just clear this up: GLASSES HELP ME SEE STUFF JUST LIKE YOU DO AND DOES NOT MAKE ME SEE BETTER THAN YOU.understood?

example 2
Ron: hey can i try your glasses for a second...
Harry: NO PLE-
Ron*grabs it anyway and tries it on*: UHH how can you even SEE with these glasses¿!?
Harry:*face palms* ugh gimme those—

example 3
Dustin: *wears new glasses*
Erica: “NERD!”
Dustin: HEY!
by myster.io July 23, 2019
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