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1. Two pieces of corrective lenses held together by a frame, side by side, to be worn in front of one's two eyes.
2. Something girls look hot wearing.
1. Haha! You're blind! You need glasses.
2. Amy looks hot wearing those glasses!
by supernintendo_chalmers January 18, 2005
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Slang term for high purity methamphetamine. According to DEA reffers to any product wiyh 85% or higher purity. In real street usage reffers to any product with a clear crystalline appearance.
Yo G you holding any glass.
by CD April 08, 2003
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Term used in the DMV to punch somebody really hard in the face or body, usually unexpectedly.
Friend 1: Bruh, I’m bouta glass that dude over there😡.
Friend 2: Why bro
Friend 1: Talking mess about me
by Thedeadlycrossover December 17, 2017
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V. To use high-powered weaponry such as nuclear bombs on large populations
-The fuck is up with this Middle East shit?
-I know man, we should just glass them.
by SwiggitySwagWhatsInTheBag? March 23, 2014
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Clear glass made to correct impaired vision.
Glasses help your vision. It also makes you look smart. It is no longer seen as geeky nor nerdy.

It could be worn as a fasion.
by Rhaize November 26, 2003
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cool things worn on eyes to correct vision.
People think because I were glasses I am a geek.
by Holmesgurl October 01, 2003
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