"Not many Uncle, this slag's got a slimy on the Bill."

Detective Constable serving in the Metropolitan Police Service explaining to a judge that a witness gave false evidence out of malice.
by eastnorfolkboy October 20, 2009
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Mani that type of person u want to be with fiver in your life they are loyal freaky and full of surprises but they are little softy’s
Omg I wish I had a friend like mani
by bilyy o 52 May 30, 2019
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Mani is a hindi word which refers to someone who has a control over his thoughts and and has great concentration power.
Eg. Ye ladka kitna km bolta hai aur kaafi shant swabhavi bhi hai, ye to pakka mani hai.

This boy speaks so less and is also very polite, he is definitely a mani
by The peacefull September 17, 2018
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The Man Who Stole Yo Girl
Mani Stole Yo bitch LOLOLOOLOL XDDDD
by Spenzy October 22, 2019
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When someone asks a question that requires a numbered response, you hold up your middle finger and say "This Many."
John, how many STD's do you have?

This Many
by George W Lush February 7, 2011
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Masculine Persian/Iranian name of an ancient painter/artist and the ancient founder of "Manichaeism" (religion).
People with the name Mani are ofter characterized by great success, extreme good looks, off-the-charts intellect, and a great ability to "Mani-pulate". In addition, their cojones put the British Royal Crown Jewels to shame.

Pronounced Maa-nee
Mani is the ultimate dream of every mother-in-law.

Did you see what Mani accomplished in such a short period of time?
by Ozgal February 4, 2010
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