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The "professional" name for a laptop.
Normal person: I'll just take my laptop outside and....
PC obsessed nutter: It's called a notebook, fucking n00b!
Normal person: Congratulations on being a dick.
by thejamdude January 05, 2006
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lots of pieces of paper that are bound together by a wire or glue. It's cool
I'm going to write in my notebook today!!
by christina_0223 May 10, 2005
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The new word for "laptop". Probably used because corporate swines want to avoid lawsuits when someone's bollocks get toasted off - "notebooks" do tend to get pretty hot, yet the name doesn't insinuate that you put it on your lap, unlike laptop.
The progression of technology can be a curse. This new "notebook" is so hot, I can't even use it on my lap for twenty minutes without feeling ill.
by ShaunC193 July 23, 2008
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"Notebook", is the term you use to refer to a LAPTOP computer if you are:

A) A 9 year old girl that likes Bratz dolls.

B) A fucking tool of Dell & Microsoft.

C) n00b
If we start calling certain computers notebooks that leads to grammatical ambiguity.

Customer: Hi, I like to buy a notebook.
Clerk: Okay, would you like a $5 or $500 model?

It's a stupid nickname created by retards who decided to major in marketing during college becuase they wanted to spend the majority of their time getting wasted.
by Urban Hitchhiker January 06, 2006
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codename for any type of gum that has 5% or less gum per volume
Most domestic and imported beers, bacardi silver, smirnoff ice, and mike's lemonade.
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The act of notebooking someone is when you invite a lady over, expecting to get some "action", and watch the movie The Notebook. When she tells you that she would like to watch the movie when you try to make out with her, you whip out your fuck stick and start roughing up the suspect. Finish by shooting off your load onto her face and telling her to leave the house, regardless of the house is yours or hers.
I went to Holly's house thinking I would get some action but she just wanted to watch the I notebooked her.
by Duncan McCockiner August 25, 2008
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head; anytime you watch The Notebook with a girl you are bound to get head thus it being called notebook
Yo I just got notebook in blockbuster!!
by KingNani April 18, 2006
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