A term meaning "little". Most commonly used by rappers for their rap names. (i.e.- Lil Bow Wow, Lil Kim, Lil Romeo, etc.)
by Lil J. June 23, 2003
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a term normally used to explain something little
a slang term used while instant messaging sending email etc
i had a lil fun at the pool
by Angel leigh M July 22, 2006
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My lil ass.
by Dipshit February 12, 2003
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A way for some rappers to let everyone know that they suck. If a rapper has the word "lil" in their name you can safely avoid listening to any songs by them.
Name one good rapper whose name has the word "lil" in it... yea didn't think so
by J-Smoove May 29, 2006
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Acronym for "Laughing Inside Loudly." Term used by those honest IMers that, when replying to a joke, acknowledge the joke and instead of really laughing, they subtlety chuckle without making noise.
An Example of use in an IM conversation:
Person A: She fell down the stairs and landed in mustard, subsequently ruining her white dress.
Person B: Oh that's too bad, lil.
by Pieter May 6, 2004
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Usually taken as a typo of lol or part of a rapper’s name, a “lil,” or laugh INTERNALLY loud, is also an acronym that introverts type to represent laughter. A lil is subtler and quieter than a lol. Usually no noise will escape in the presence of humor, with only slight mannerisms suggesting amusement. The only audible exception is someone exhaling a little extra air out of their nostrils.
Ex: Did you hear Joey just lil at that pun?

omg that bunny’s so cwte lil
by nowitexists April 24, 2021
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