it's used as a greeting, whether it be in person or over text.
"yooo, what's up dude!!"
by 1dasfrick December 17, 2015
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You're Only Old Once. Pronounced like "Yooo..."

Like, YOLO, but for old people that works for outrageous or completely mundane events.
"Hey, want to stay in and watch crime dramas all night?" "YOOO!"

"We flew to a lawless island in the Caribbean to do a shitload of blow and almost kill ourselves, I mean whatever right? YOOO!"
by jenqueue October 18, 2017
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when you just wanna hit someone up and you don't know how to start. so you just go with it. its just a way to start the conversation
yooo doode...i'm kinda feelin' it you wanna do a bear fight? legoo
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The phrase "bimml bimml yooo" is used as a respectful greeting of e.g. good friends in Germany, especially among Munichs students.
"Bimml bimml yooo, du geile Sau! Lass heut Saufen gehen!“ - “Jawoll du Shwance! Heut gehma steil!"
by gollomosh August 15, 2023
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something you say when you don't have anything else to do on bee swarm simulator discord
random1: what's the best way to level up my bees?
random2: YOOO Flurbenfline from GUMMY planter LETS GO!!!!
by Nova1809 October 23, 2022
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